I WILL SURVIVE PROJECT is not only a Referral System but a Support Network System. We provide a safe place to talk. We provide the opportunity for Women in the community to come together and share their experiences and learn from each other. experiencing healing and healthy relationships. Professional and Spiritual Counseling are our directives. 

HIGH ALERT: The Pain, Depression, Suppression and Opression, Hiding Secrets, Tormenting Dreams, Fear, Numb, Suicidal Thoughts, Isolation, Broken Bones??? YOU are Not Alone! FEELING TRAPPED? There is WAY OUT!

  • 21+  drop-in hours per week with trained adult staff and volunteer

  • Support for youth around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity

  • 24 hour crisis line

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy services for LGBTQ victims of crime

  • Safety Planning

  • Information, education and refferal

  • 24 hour crisis line

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Mental Heal Counseling

  • Navigation of legal and medical  systems