Our mandate is to serve the LEAST, the LOST and the LEFT OUT!  We have been called to lead, assist, build and educate people in the local community, the region and across the borders.


For the last 18 years, we have honored the assignment with the guidance and according to our faith and the directive of God, without State, Federal or even local Community official’s financial assistance.  Favor indeed.  However, we are in the midst of expanding our territory and for this upcoming season,



We are celebrating our 18th Year in collaborative and collective services and partnerships.


We are soliciting your financial support.  Will you donate $18.00 or more in order to be recognized by a larger influence serving a larger sphere. Your funds will help to provide a presentation across the nations. BUILDING BRIDGES not WALLS. 


We want to thank you in advance for all of your previous support and realize we would not have survived this long without your Fellowship. 


Please consider sowing today and we will remain on the front line of current issues " ME TOO"  enlarging the territory of service to the LEAST, the LOST and the LEFT OUT!